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How Can I Stop Smoking

Published: December 19, 2013
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Okay. I have been smoking ciggerettes for about 3 years just about. My parents have supported my habit and now they want me to stop, and today i had a scene. Its like i can go threw schools and nights with out, but when the end of the day rolls around and im home with my mom and shes smoking and it makes me go crazy! Its only when i dont get a smoke. I rarely everr smoke pot,and when im stressed about not being able to smoke i want to get high, and fall asleep. What are my best choices, I can't wuit cold turkey. im only 14. And I want to stop now.
Signed: How Can I Stop Smoking

Dear How Can I Stop Smoking,


TeenHealthFX is proud of you for reaching out for help to stop smoking. As you know, cigarettes jeopardize a person’s physical well-being in so many ways, so the sooner you quit the better. FX is sorry to hear that your parents have supported your habit for so many years, and that your mother continues to smoke despite wanting you to stop, as both issues have obviously made it harder for you to stay away from smoking.


FX thinks that the first thing you need to do is to have a candid conversation with your mother about this. Let her know that you want to quit smoking, but that it is extremely hard for you to do so when you come home and see her smoking or smell smoke in the house. You might also speak to her about any anger that you have that she wants you to stop doing something that she continues to do. Ideally, it would be wonderful for your mother to quit with you, but if she is unwilling to do this, ask her to not smoke in the house or in your presence – especially during the beginning of your working towards quitting when it will be the hardest for you. Be clear with your mother that the more she is able to do to stop, cut down, or change her own smoking habits, the better chance you will have at being successful.


Next, FX thinks that it is important for you to explore your options in terms of a program that will help you to stop smoking. Some programs focus on quitting cold turkey and others focus on a harm reduction approach, where you gradually cut down. There are options like the nicotine patch, and techniques such as hypnotherapy that can help you to stop smoking.


It is also important for you to develop a healthy coping technique to replace the smoking so that you don’t continue to smoke or replace the smoking with something else unhealthy like smoking pot. You could learn to meditate, do yoga, lift weights, go for walks, journal, paint, or anything else that will reduce stress, elevate your mood and keep you from turning to cigarettes or pot.


If you have any friends who smoke, encourage your friends to quit along with you. When you have a partner in making such a significant change it can be extremely helpful in boosting your success because you have someone there for support and encouragement.


To learn more about various programs in your area, talk to your primary care physician, school nurse, and/or school health teacher – all of whom would probably have knowledge of resources available to you to help you with this. You could also check with your local hospital, as many hospitals today offer programs to help people stop smoking.


For more information on local cessation programs and for smoking cessation literature, you can also call the


Signed: TeenHealthFX