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Stopped Growing Taller

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I've consulted a doctor 2 years ago who specializes in HUMATROPE. When I had my consultation, she asked me to have an x-ray of the bones on my knees. Unfortunately, my epiphysis are already partially closed. I was entirely devastated at the fact that I've stopped growing and the thought that I would have no more chance to grow. I'm only 4'10 tall and I'm already 15! I've heard about anti-estrogens that would help stop my growth plates from closing. Is this advisable? Are there any ways for me to grow taller aside from talking pilates? HELP! I NEED YOUR ANSWER!
Signed: Stopped Growing Taller

Dear Stopped Growing Taller,


There is nothing you can do to alter your predestinated height. Your final height is based on: your parent’s height, your health status and your ethnic background. Growth tends to taper off with the beginning of puberty. For girls this is after they begin menstruation and is often earlier than in boys.  


In regards to anti-estrogens and their effects on growth plate closure there is little concrete information. FX did not find any proof that they will slow growth plate closer. There are also some adverse side effects especially if you are a female. If you still would like to pursue them as an option you need to discuss this with your physician.


As far as Pilates is concerned it will not increase your height but in may help improve your self-esteem and become more comfortable and content with your current height.  It is a great form of exercise.


Signed: TeenHealthFX