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Atheist Girlfriend Will Leave Me Now That I'm Christian

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I need help with my girl friend. Me and her have been together for 9 months now and are very very in love but she is a hard core atheist and just converted to christianity. IDK how to tell her now. I know she will leave me if she finds out I am christian. Do you guys have any advice? Please help :(
Signed: Atheist Girlfriend Will Leave Me Now That I'm Christian

Dear Atheist Girlfriend Will Leave Me Now That I'm Christian,


TeenHealthFX thinks that it is very important that you speak to your girlfriend about this. Tell her about your decision to convert to Christianity and then let her know that you are very concerned about how your religious views may impact the relationship given her strong atheist beliefs. Let your girlfriend know that you love her very much, but that these religious views are important to you as well – and that your hope is that you will not have to choose between the two. Express to your girlfriend your concern that she will no longer want to date you if you are Christian, and check in with her to see if this is the case. If it is, ask her if the two of you could talk about why this is such an issue (so much so that it would cause a break-up) and discuss whether or not there is any way to make this work despite these differences in religious beliefs.  

There are certainly many couples out there who are able to make their relationships work despite differences in religious or spiritual believes. However, it can also be the case that some people’s beliefs on God, religion, and spirituality are so strong that they are not able to be in a close, committed relationship with someone who has different ideas and beliefs than they do. If the latter is the case here, FX understands that this may be very sad, frustrating, and disappointing for you. However, if your girlfriend cannot respect and tolerate your beliefs even though they are different from their own, then it’s possible this relationship isn’t meant to be right now. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with her beliefs or yours, but that where the two of you stand on your beliefs just makes you incompatible in this particular area at this point in time.

But the only way to find out what can be and what will be is to talk to her about this…

Signed: TeenHealthFX