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What Can Us Teenagers in England Do if we Know a Friend is Rioting

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,


What can us teenagers in England do if we know a friend is rioting and/or looting? Do we tell the police? I don’t know anyone at the moment but what if a friend of mine starts doing it?



Signed: What Can Us Teenagers in England Do if we Know a Friend is Rioting

Dear What Can Us Teenagers in England Do if we Know a Friend is Rioting,


Sometimes the best time to intervene is before something happens. If you hear some friends talking about joining in on the chaos then try and dissuade them from doing something that they would most likely regret later. Studies have shown that it can be easy to get caught up in “the mob mentality,” even for people who normally would never participate is this type activity. However, when it is all over and the damage has been done, they are at a loss to explain their behavior. It probably would be accurate that this behavior is not like them, but the fact remains that they violated the law and damaged an innocent person’s property and therefore will be subject to sanctions.


Sometime people will try and justify their actions by citing a greater good such as saying that rioting resulted from some underlying injustice. But how does smashing a window or stealing a television bring about change. Also the person whose store is being broken into or vandalized isn’t at the heart of the problem to begin with. Also London has one of the world’s most sophisticated public camera systems. This combined with sophisticated facial recognition software will lead to the arrest of many people who thought they would be invisible in a crowd.


You can only appeal to a person’s sense of reasoning and try and get them to see things from a different perspective. In many case the individual is hell bent on destruction and there is no room for discussion. The best any of us can do, on any given day is to make a conscious decision not to contribute to the problems of the world.


It would be easy for TeenHealthFX to say that you should turn your mates in, but we realize it is not that simple. Too often the person who does the right thing becomes ostracized for being a “snitch.”  In reality, any representative of any police organization, will you that this is a code that very few people live by. When faced with a significant consequence the over whelming majority of individuals will offer up a name if it serves their purpose.


The fact that you asked this question shows that you are a conscientious person, who is troubled by what you see. Whether you chose to provide information or not, you can at least be a voice of reason. Don’t under estimate how powerful force that can be.






Signed: TeenHealthFX