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BFF Is Befriending Someone She Met Online

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
My best friend is befriending someone she met on Omegle. He is about 20 years old, and is very inappropriate in all of his pictures. I wouldn't really care that much, but lately she has been showing me some of their conversations. He is telling her they will meet someday, partying and getting VERY drunk, and of course, using excessive amounts of drugs. I tried to tell her that he isn't a good person, but she just tells me he's cool with some rough days. How do I convince her that she should stop talking to him?
Signed: BFF Is Befriending Someone She Met Online

Dear BFF Is Befriending Someone She Met Online,


You may not be able to convince your friend on your own to stop this online relationship with this guy – but you can certainly speak to her about it and raise some concerns. You might start a conversation with her by trying to get a better idea of why she is interested in this particular person. You didn’t mention how old your friend is, but we are assuming there is somewhat of an age difference here. You could check in with her about what makes her want to be interacting with someone who is 20, and find out why she is interested in someone who parties so much, using excessive amounts of alcohol and drugs. Having an understanding of where she is coming from will help you to be more sympathetic towards her and will help you to know the key points that are most important to touch upon when you then explain to her exactly what worries you have about her relationship with him.

You could also refer your friend to some of the questions other teens have written into FX about online relationships so she can become better educated about some of the concerns and dangers that exist for teens when it comes to meeting people online.

If talking to her on your own about this doesn’t have any positive impact on your friend, then consider speaking to her parents or your parents about your concern. You may not be able to convince your friend to stop communicating with this guy, but if you have concerns about how this online relationship could affect your friend then it might require an intervention from an adult. Your friend certainly may be angry about your telling an adult about this, however, it is important that you convey to her that you are not going to stand around and do nothing when you see her making choices that could ultimately be harmful to her – and hopefully she will come to a point where she will recognize that as well.

Signed: TeenHealthFX