Talking To Teens About Substance Abuse

Published: December 19, 2013
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I will be talking to 25 teens regarding substance abuse. So I am trying to get some facts regarding this problem.
Signed: Talking To Teens About Substance Abuse

Dear Talking To Teens About Substance Abuse,


In putting together your talk about substance abuse, TeenHealthFX suggests you think about the following:

·         Consider the population you are speaking to and what drug(s) would be best to focus on, such as alcohol, marijuana, acid, ecstasy, cocaine, or prescription medications (to name a few).

·         Whatever drug(s) you focus your talk on, include information on the short and long-term effects of use.

·         Consider addressing the issue of peer pressure in terms of how teens can realistically deal with the pressures to use.

·         Consider providing information on what can happen when drugs are mixed with driving, as well as how substance abuse can impact sexual health.

·         In researching the drug(s) you want to focus on, consider NIDA for Teens. This website provides lots of great information for teens on drugs, such as facts on how different drugs can affect the brain and body, tools for parents and teachers to help teens understand the science behind drug abuse, brain games, real stories, and more.

·         Let the teens know where they can turn to for accurate information on substance abuse, such as NIDA for Teens,, and TeensHealth.

·         Give information on where teens can turn to for treatment, encouraging them to speak to their parents, doctors, and/or school counselors if they think they have a substance abuse problem, as well as to contact such resources as 1-800-662-HELP and

Signed: TeenHealthFX