I Think My Boyfriend Might Have Taken Steroids Recently

Published: April 01, 2014
Dear TeenHealthFX,

I think my boyfriend might have taken steroids recently. Yesterday he raised his voice and sweared at me in class and I felt like he was going to hurt me for a second. He had never done that before, and his sister was there working with us and she was very concerned about me for the rest of class. She didn't know what to say either. After, I got very uncomfortable with him and barely talked to him the rest of the day. He almost came off as if he forgot about it; either that or simply brushed it off. He didn't talk to me too much, but not much less than he usually does. So I really have no idea if he forgot or not. I hardly responded to him. After school, he grabbed my hand to hold it, but I didn't hold it back, I just left my hand limp in his. He went to the gym to get changed for track and I started walking away to go home, and he said "ok I guess I'll talk to you later" and I turned around and simply responded with "k bye". Usually we hug and kiss. He didn't ask me what was wrong. Today his mom mesaged me saying his sister told her he has been getting in people's faces at school and being mean and swearing at them. She asked me if he ever did any drugs lately. He didn't ever tell me he was using steroids again, so I didn't tell her that he used them once long ago before we met. Once, as in one single dose. The other day he told his friend to take steroids, but I didn't think he was being serious. He's always talking about becoming a body builder and always goes to the gym and does track everyday. His mom said some sophomore was giving him a hard time friday, but he never lets anyone get him down, especially an under classman. He told me his parents didn't have a clue about his one time steroids usage, and I didn't want to get him in trouble, especially if he hasn't been doing them lately... If he is actually taking steroids again, should I tell her? I don't know what he'd do to me if I told on him though, I really don't want to break up we love eachother...

Dear I Think My Boyfriend Might Have Taken Steroids Recently,

There are a lot of indicators in your letter that would suggest that your boyfriend may be using steroids. TeenHealthFX can’t say for sure but we can tell you with certainty that if he is; his behavior is only going to get more volatile and aggressive. 

You and your boyfriend’s parents are outwardly concerned about "Roid Rage", which is an increase in aggressive paranoid, irritable behavior and is also referred to as steroid induced psychosis.  There are other numerous side effects associated with illegal steroid use. Steroids can affect nearly every organ in the body.  They can affect your heart by increasing heart rate, increasing blood pressure, increasing your bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreasing your good cholesterol (HDL).  In the liver they can cause cysts, tumors and other liver damage.  They affect endocrine system which regulates many hormones. The steroids inhibit you body's own testosterone and inhibit the synthesis of sperm, also causing shrinking of the testicles.  They can also cause the growth of tissue under male nipples which is called "gynecomastia.”  Steroids can cause bleeding by reducing the body's ability to clot blood.  A very common side effect of steroids is severe acne and male pattern baldness. 

If your boyfriend is using steroids his mood and health will most likely deteriorate, which is going to have a negative effect on you. Let him know that his outburst was scary and not normal and you didn’t feel safe. There is the possibility that his rage will increase and he could even assault you. You may not think that is possible now but steroids can dramatically change a person’s mood and cause them to behave in a way that is unlike them. You have already indicated, “? I don't know what he'd do to me if I told on him.” Make it clear to your boyfriend that if he is using steroids then you are not willing to date him. Otherwise you will quickly learn that it is hard to love someone you are afraid of. 

Your best bet is to be honest with your boyfriend’s family and let them know you are concerned about him as well. It is only a matter of time before the truth comes out but probably not before a significant amount of damage is done. If he can’t see that you motivation was out genuine for his well-being then he doesn’t deserve to have a girlfriend like you.




Signed: TeenHealthFX