Should I Tell Him About Emotional Problems

Published: April 01, 2014
Dear TeenHealthFX,

HI, I’m a 14, soon to be 15, year old girl. I’ve recently started dating this guy whom I like a lot, I care for him. However, I debate on whether I should tell him about my depression, self harm, eating disorders, or anything else that he may worry about. I do know that he does care for me very much, and I the same, but I worry that he'll dump me for it. Is there a way I can gently tell him?

Dear Should I Tell Him About Emotional Problems,

TeenHealthFX thinks the key factor here is that you have only “recently” started dating this boy. What you have been through are very personal issues that many young people deal with. There is nothing you need to hide but it generally not a good idea to share such intimate personal information with a person until you get to know a person well. The concern is that personal information shared with the wrong person can leave you vulnerable. The person that you initially believe to be your soul mate or friend for life could turn out to be nothing like you imagined. If they are mean and spiteful then they could twist the information you shared to hurt you. To some degree we take a risk when we share personal information, but the more you know a person you have a better chance of understanding what encompasses a trusting relationship. 

This young man could wind up being a very special person; just give it some time to find out.

Signed: TeenHealthFX