Will My Therapist Get Mad?

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I was put in therapy about two months ago. I feel awkward about it and I lie to the therapist but now I really want to tell her about something that has been bothering me. It's about a subject that I previously lied about. will she get mad?
Signed: Will My Therapist Get Mad?

Dear Will My Therapist Get Mad?,


TeenHealthFX believes that generally therapists understand that it can be hard and can take time for many clients to get to a point where they feel comfortable being open and honest with their therapists about sensitive topics. Because of negative experiences with other important people in their lives, many people come into therapy worrying that their therapist are going to act the same way – that they will also not be trustworthy, will think badly of them if they say certain things, or will not really care about them and what they have to say. Therefore, most therapists realize that it may take time for clients to open up, or that clients may initially not be truthful about certain issues.


That said, FX would be very surprised if your therapist gets mad at you if you go to your next session and tell him/her that there was something in the past you were not upfront about, but that you are ready to discuss it now. Instead of being angry at you, it is more likely that the therapist will feel pleased with your progress that you are feeling ready to address this particular issue and that you are feeling more trusting of him/her that you are willing to bring the issue up.


Remember that therapists are not there to be critical or angry. However, if you ever feel your therapist acts in a critical or angry way you should bring it up with him/her for discussion. Sometimes people worry their therapists will be angry or critical with them because they have gotten used to other people acting that way towards them – but FX feels that most therapists will be compassionate towards people in situations like the one you are describing. So we encourage you to plan on talking to your therapist about this issue, and to remember that coming clean about something with your therapist is something admirable, not something to feel criticized about.

Signed: TeenHealthFX