Will My Therapist Have To Tell My Mom About My Cutting?

Published: June 16, 2014
Dear Will My Therapist Have To Tell My Mom About My Cutting?,

My mom thinks I've stopped cutting but I haven't. Cutting is still an issue with me and I'd like to bring it up to my therapist but I'm worried that she'll have to tell my mom that I'm still cutting. If my mom already knew about previous self harm, will my therapist still be obligated to tell her about newer cutting anyway?

Dear Will My Therapist Have To Tell My Mom About My Cutting?,

If cutting is still an issue for you, then it is very important that you discuss this with your therapist so that you can get the support and guidance you need to deal with this issue. As far as whether or not your therapist will report this to your mother, FX cannot know your therapist’s policies on confidentiality when it comes to treating a minor. FX recommends that you ask your therapist what her policies are so that you will know of any possible consequences of disclosing this information to her.

If you have concerns about your mother finding out about the cutting, FX thinks this should also be discussed with your therapist. Why are you worried about your mother finding out? How do imagine she would respond to knowing you are cutting? Your concern about your mother finding out suggests that there might be some kind of relationship issues present between you and your mother. It is possible that this relationship issue is contributing to the issues you are dealing with, including your urges to self-harm. That said, FX thinks it would be very helpful for you to discuss your relationship with your mother with your therapist – alone with your therapist for a start and ideally with your mother present at some point as well.