Why Should I Bother With Rehab Again?

Published: September 10, 2014
Dear Why Should I Bother With Rehab Again?,

I've already gone through rehab, but I did start to use again and now my parents want me to go again. But I don't see the point. Obviously it didn't work the first time, so why do it again?

Dear Why Should I Bother With Rehab Again?,

The National Institute on Drug Abuse presents the following information just to your point:

“If you have already been in rehab, it means you have already learned many of the skills needed to recover from addiction, and you should try it again. Relapsing (going back to using drugs after getting off them temporarily) does not mean the first treatment failed. People with all kinds of diseases relapse; people with other chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma relapse about as much as people who have addictions.

Treatment of all chronic diseases, including addiction, involves making tough changes in how you live and act, so setbacks are to be expected along the way. A return to drug use means treatment needs to be started again or that you might need a different treatment this time.”

That said, TeenHealthFX encourages you to seek out help if you have returned to using drugs. Depending on your experience with your first rehab, you might benefit from a different treatment facility. As a teen, it is also very important to have your parents/caregivers involved in treatment – so if that did not happen last time around that would be a very important goal of whatever treatment you seek out at this time.

If you need information on treatment and where you can find it, you can call: