Having Trouble Keeping Up With the Pace

Published: January 31, 2014
Dear TeenHealthFX,

I always have 3 - 6 hours of homework every single day! I never get any sleep! I never get to spend any time with my family or friends. Sometimes I stay up until 3 am finishing homework and then wake up at 6 am for school. I want to do well but I don’t know how much longer I can keep this pace up.

Dear Having Trouble Keeping Up With the Pace,

Like many people your age, school has taken up a disproportionate part of your life. With so many responsibilities, it may be helpful for you to start to compartmentalize, or separate, them from one another. It is often easier to tackle one task at a time, rather than thinking about the entire list of things you have to do all at once. Focusing in everything is bound to make you feel overwhelmed.

It would also be a good idea to take some time out to prioritize and identify your goals, and think about ways to make your schedule more manageable. What are you trying to accomplish? Which of your activities are helping you to reach your goals and which ones are not? What can you eliminate? Many high school students will overdo it with extra-curricular activities to build up their resume for college. More does not always mean better. If you can take away a few things, you will likely be better able to concentrate on the areas that are important. 

It is also important to maintain an outlet that is just for you. What is it in your day that makes you happy? If, for example, a sport helps you to release some energy, interact with your peers, and clear your head, then by all means, keep on playing!

What about your friends and family. It is so important to have meaningful, supportive relationships. They don’t take away from our time, they add to it.

Give yourself a break and take care of yourself first. TeenHealthFX recognizes it is hard to do but you should try and eat right and get the proper rest. They say a man who stops to sharpen his Ax, cuts more wood then a man who keeps working with a dull blade.


Signed: TeenHealthFX