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Worried About Mom's Cold

Published: October 02, 2015
Dear TeenHealthFX,

Hi, I'm a 14 year old girl, My mom has been suffering from this cold thing where she constantly coughs and lasts for quite a long time since a few years ago. This time, it had lasted up to a month and she was coughing so hard she even vomited today. It had never been that serious before. It hurts my heart to see her suffering like that constantly. She has been to doctors and my mom claims that they usually tell her its just a normal cold but this has already lasted for more than a month , I am very worried and it breaks my heart to see her like this. As she has always been working and refuse to even take a day off and my dad is always working, its impossible to force her to get rest, but I have already been trying to finish as many chores as possible, I'm scared, Please Help!

Dear Worried About Mom's Cold,

TeenHealthFX shares your concern about your mother. No matter the diagnosis, she is experiencing symptoms that are worrisome and need to be addressed. Even though there is no specific medication for the cold virus, there are medication that will help with symptoms. Your mother’s cough may benefit from a cough suppressor and/or an expectorant (helps clear mucus from lungs and sinuses.) It could be a bronchial spasm, which could be treated with an inhaler.


It sounds like your mom is a very hard worker and tries to keep going no matter what. We admire her determination, but if you don’t take of the body it will break down eventually. No doubt that she has a lot of responsibilities and probably feels she can’t afford to take the time.

What you need to get her to realize is that, she can’t afford not to. When the body is sneezing, coughing and making all kinds of other noises, it is trying to tell us something. Many people tend to ignore these signs, rationalizing they will go away. Sometimes they do and sometimes they increase and multiply to the point you have no option to pay attention.


Let your mother know you are concerned about her health. Tell her that a cough lasting for a months and gets so violent that is causes her to vomit, is not normal. It does not mean that it is catastrophic either, it indicates that something is wrong and needs to be addressed. Empathize that she needs to take the time to take care of herself or her body could make her take the time. She may not want to miss work but she will miss more than a day if her health really deteriorates. If you can’t convince her to take care of herself, then ask her to do it for you. This may sound strange and selfish but there is a rationale. Very often people who ignore their own needs, tend to be sensitive or understanding of other people’s needs. While your mom may not go to the doctor for herself, she might do it for you. When you talk with your mom, let her know that TeenHealthFX thinks she has a great daughter.

Signed: TeenHealthFX