Only Way To Pass A Test Is To Study The Day Of?

Published: September 13, 2017
Dear TeenHealthFX,
i have a friend who says that the only way to pass a major school test is to study the day of your test? i didn't listen to him but does it work? from, major test question
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Dear Only Way To Pass A Test Is To Study The Day Of?,


Preparing for a test involves time and work that starts well before the day of your test. Most students who do well on their exams, and well in school in general, are not leaving all of their studying for the day of a test. Maybe it works for some kids, but for most it won’t. And even if it works for now, it may not as you move through school and the work gets harder and more demanding.  

Adequately preparing yourself for a test starts way before the test. It begins with taking good notes in class and making sure that you understand the information your teacher is presenting at the time he/she is teaching it (if not, see your teacher right away for extra help). It involves taking notes while you read and scheduling time to study where you won’t be interrupted by phone calls or distracted by the television. It may involve the use of flashcards or the help of a friend or parent to ensure that you are understanding and retaining the information in a way that will be useful for you for your test. And it means planning your studying in advance and not cramming in all the material you need to learn into a short period of time that will leave you sleep-deprived or anxious – both of which can negatively affect your performance on your test.

There are several websites out there that give tips on how to effectively study and complete school assignments. For some tips of some of the better ways to do this, go to the following websites:

·         TeensHealth Studying for Tests

·         Family Education: Top 10 Skills for High-School Students

·         Child Development Institute: Tips For Helping Kids And Teens With Homework and Study Habits

You can also speak to one of your teachers for tips on how to best study for exams – especially if you see you are having trouble in a particular subject.

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