Thanks From The Guy With The Atheist Girlfriend

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Hey I am the guy with the atheist girl friend. Thanks for your advice. She was actually very understanding and talked to me more about my beliefs and all is well although after talking with the pastor he says I shouldn't be christian if I have an atheist girlfriend so I am thinking of leaving christianity but thats not an issue. But I just wanted t say thanks for the advice it really helped me talk it more and my anxiety about it is gone. Really you guys are life savers.
Signed: Thanks From The Guy With The Atheist Girlfriend

Dear Thanks From The Guy With The Atheist Girlfriend,


TeenHealthFX is glad that we could be helpful to you. It sounds like it worked out well for you to be open and honest with your girlfriend about how you were feeling and what was worrying you. We are glad that you were able to raise this issue with her and that she was able to respond in such an understanding way.

If you find you have any further worries or concerns about how to handle this situation, continue to talk to your girlfriend, as well as any other trusted adults who can offer help, so that you can get the guidance and support you need. And if you find you are having trouble figuring out how to balance your religious beliefs and your relationship with someone who is not religious, in addition to your pastor consider talking to some people who are in similar situations to get a sense of how they negotiate that balance.

Signed: TeenHealthFX