Mom Is Threatening To File An EPO Against Me

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
My mom keeps threatening to file an EPO on me, saying i physically abuse her. The only time I have ever physically touched her in a bad way is pushing her off of me as she was trying to hit me. I'm extremely worried about this. I don't know what her problem is. If she files the EPO, how will this affect me? I'm a 15 year old freshman girl, how would this interfere with my schooling? Would I be sent to juvenile detention? i want to go in to the Air Force, would I be able to with this charge against me? thanks.
Signed: Mom Is Threatening To File An EPO Against Me

Dear Mom Is Threatening To File An EPO Against Me,


For our readers who may not know, an EPO (Emergency Protective Order) is a restraining order intended to keep a violent or abusive person away for a short amount of time (generally 5 business days or seven calendar days). To request an EPO, you would call the police and they would contact an on-duty judge to request the EPO (these can usually be requested 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Generally EPO’s are used by people who need to protect themselves against adult spouses or dating partners who have been physically violent towards them or their children.

As for your situation, if your mother contacted the police claiming that you were physically violent with her, there would be some inquiry by a juvenile detective or some other law enforcement officer before any type of restraint or major intervention was made. The officers involved would want to verify the story by talking to your mother and to you, and would most likely also try and intervene on their own to see if the issue could be resolved before any drastic measures were taken.

As for your concern about the Air Force, typically protective orders and arrest records are sealed with regard to minors/juveniles, so it shouldn’t follow you in your application to the US Air Force if that is something you decide to pursue later in life.  

Given this is an ongoing problem and concern for you, FX thinks that it is extremely important for you to talk to a trusted adult about this as soon as possible so you can prevent this situation from coming to a head rather than to just try and deal with a difficult situation once it has happened. You could speak to your school social worker or psychologist, a trusted teacher, your principal, or even your primary care physician if you think he/she would take what you have to say seriously as opposed to just buying into whatever your mother has to say about the situation. It is important that you have someone who can provide you with support and guidance about how to deal with this situation, who can intervene as necessary to ensure your emotional and physical well-being at home, and who can back you up that this has been an ongoing problem involving much more than just an acting out teen if your mother ever does make any kind of claim of physical violence to the police.

FX also wants to say, that if you are ever physically harmed by your mother or are fearful that she may hurt you, it is important to tell someone right away. If you are in immediate danger you can call 911 or your local police station.

Signed: TeenHealthFX