What are the Guidelines for the Site?

Published: May 01, 2014
Dear TeenhealthFX,

What are the guidelines on this site? What questions are ok, and what questions do you not answer? Are there certain subjects you don't discuss? What do you do if someone were to admit that they were about to kill themselves, or that they were a murderer? Also, what process do the questions go through before they are answered? Do you have people screen them for swear words or personal information? Sorry for all the different questions at once, I'm just curious and I couldn't find any other place on here that addresses them. :/

Dear What are the Guidelines for the Site?,

When it comes to Adolescent Health Education there is really are no categories that are out of bounds. We do get saturated with certain topics and tend not to address them. For instance, you can only answer a question about penis size so many times and in so many ways. However, that also highlights one of the nice features of the site; all answered questions are posted to the TeenHealthFX site which makes the information available to anyone who logs on. So anyone who has a question on penis size will have the information available to them. 

Questions that we ignore are usually ones where the user really isn’t looking for information but rather using TeenHealthFX for their own amusement. We also will not deal with anything that could be considered offensive, hurtful or disrespectful to a group(s) of people. We also exclude anything that is abusive or just plain vulgar. 

In terms of some who presented as suicidal or homicidal you can get a detailed explanation by checking out the response to Duty to Warn

All questions submitted to TeenHealthFX.com are received on a Content Manager which is used to assign, categorize, create and review files that are published to the site. The responses are written and reviewed by health professionals from the Atlantic Health System. The final reviewer for each question is determined by the topic being addressed. We simply match the question with the expertise that it calls for. We are fortunate to have virtually every expertise in Adolescent Health available to us through the Goryeb Children’s Hospital which is part of the Atlantic Health System. 

We do edit out some profanity out of respect for our broader audience and will always delete any personal information. Anonymity is very important to our goal of making the user feel comfortable when asking very personal or sensitive questions. 

Signed: TeenhealthFX