Would it be Unacceptable if I Did Get One?

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,


Hi, just for info I'm 14, male, and I live in the UK. I read about physical examinations being done by your doctor and that it includes your genitals. My doctor is female and I'm not saying this in a perverted way but she's like a model. I want to have these examinations done to ensure that if anything is wrong I find out early, but I'm scared that when it comes to the genital examination I will get an erection. Will the genital part involve any contact at all? Would it be unacceptable if I did get one?

Signed: Would it be Unacceptable if I Did Get One?

Dear Would it be Unacceptable if I Did Get One?,


A genital exam is usually included as part of a yearly physical. Getting an erection during an examination can be awkward but his is common reaction for many males and your doctor recognizes this and probably has dealt with the situation many times before. Most physicians are aware their patients are self-conscious about this situation and will deal with it in a professional manner that helps put the patient at ease. To make things easier many Pediatricians will inspect the genitals as the last part of the examination. They realize that this is the part of the exam that many teenagers dread the most and it is less awkward if done at the end.




Signed: TeenHealthFX