The Sleeping With Wet Hair / Blindness Myth

Published: May 14, 2012
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Is it true that if you sleep with wet hair you'd go blind, or is it just a myth?
Signed: The Sleeping With Wet Hair / Blindness Myth

Dear The Sleeping With Wet Hair / Blindness Myth,


You can file this one under “myth.” Sleeping with wet hair will absolutely NOT cause a person to go blind.


So what can cause blindness?

·         Sometimes vision problems are genetic, meaning parts of the eyes don’t form as they should because of problems that have been passed down to the child from the parents through genes.

·         Blindness can also be caused by an accident – if there is a significant injury to the eye.

·         There are also certain illnesses which can damage vision over time, such as diabetes. Eye diseases, such as cataracts, can also cause vision problems or blindness, but these types of diseases usually affect the elderly, not teens.  


What about eye exams?

Eye exams will test your vision and check for various eye diseases. Eye exams should start during childhood as problems will be easier to treat if detected early, and since vision problems can play a role in poor school performance for children.

Your age, overall health, and risk of developing eye problems will all play roles in how frequently you will need eye exams. It is generally recommended for a child’s vision to be checked before first grade, and then every two years after that as long as there appear to be no problems or concerns. You can then go a little longer between exams in your 20’s and 30’s – having your vision checked every 5-10 years if things appear normal. If there are any problems or concerns, your eye doctor will advise you how frequently you need to have eye exams.

For more in eye exams, see the Mayo Clinic Eye Exam webpage.  

Signed: TeenHealthFX