Hair Help as Soon as Possible

Published: November 28, 2016
Dear TeenHealthFX,
I'm 15, and my hair is falling out in large amounts and it's making me scared. I was born with beautiful, thick, black hair and always kept it long. I had healthy hair up until I began to straighten it and use products into it around 12 - 13 years old. I used to straighten my hair daily, and that's when I began to lose tremendous amounts of hair. So, I got a haircut to get rid of all my split ends. I also stopped using products in my hair or using heat onto it. I have stopped for a little longer than a year, although I used it maybe twice for special occasions. However, my hair has no split ends, it seems healthy, but it just won't stop falling out! My hair is thinning and maybe 600 hairs fall out a day! I know the average is up to 100, but it seems like 100 hairs fall out every time I brush my hair. I don't know what to do! I loved my thick hair and I want my thick hair back. My hair is also very frizzy and dry, and not pretty. I've changed shampoo and conditioners to the best one that targeted my problems, but it won't solve it. I need help as soon as possible.
Signed: Hair Help as Soon as Possible

Dear Hair Help as Soon as Possible,


It looks like that you have researched this problem and have tried many of the standard suggestions to prevent hair loss. Loss of hair can be attributed to a number of reasons. Stress, medications, hormonal imbalances and diet can all cause hair to fall out disproportionately. TeenHealthFX doesn’t know exactly what is going on with your situation, but your doctor will be able to assess the condition and make some recommendations as to what you could do to remedy the problem.

If you don't have a doctor and live in northern New Jersey, you can call the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health in Morristown 973-971-6475 or the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health in Summit at 908-522-5757 for an appointment. Outside this area you can check with your insurance carrier or a local Teen Health Center.






Signed: TeenHealthFX