Itchy Fingernails

Published: September 01, 2014
Dear TeenHealthFX,

Hello, I have three things to ask, first up is that I constantly have to bite two of my fingernails because they are really very itchy to make the itchiness go temporarily but it comes back. I have a lump underneath the skin beneath the fingernail and it is smooth and skin glows red. What could it be? The other thing is that I constantly feel like rubbish and it puts me in a bad mood, how do I combat that? Lastly, I get stressed over everything very easily, how do I just relax?

Dear Itchy Fingernails,

This could be one of those “chicken and the egg” type questions. Meaning which came first biting the nails or the itching sensation. Most causes resulting in itchy sensation at fingers can be treated with over the counter medication. However you need to know which product and this is why you should seek a doctor’s for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Dermatitis or eczema two of the common sources an itching sensation on the fingers. Keep in mind that if you are treated with a topical medication you are going to have to take extra precaution to keep your fingers out of your mouth. When you are at the doctor’s office you should also mention in more precise detail what feeling like “rubbish” consists of. If there is an underlying medial component to you feeling this way, then he/she will be able to address it with you.


Nail biting and stress often go hand in hand. It becomes a nervous habit that does nothing to relieve the source of the stress. Exercising, therapy, yoga and meditation are proven methods of relieving stress and helping a person relax. Try giving on of these a go, and hopefully one of them will help you feel at ease.

Signed: TeenHealthFX