I Think it is a Fungal Infection

Published: April 30, 2015
Dear TeenhealthFX,

On my inner thighs quite close to my vulva but not on it mostly i get this white dry skin. it is itchy every once in a while but its mostly white and dry. I think its a fungal infection but I don't want to go to a doctor because I'm very self concious about my private parts. Should I just but regular anti fungal medication and start home remedies for this or is it possible it's something else?

Dear I Think it is a Fungal Infection,

Being self-conscious often involves you trying to interpret how another person sees you. With your peers this can be a difficult and fleeting task. However with a medical professional, the only judgment that is involved is the doctor using her/his skills and diagnostic tools to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan. She/he is also ethically and legally bound to keep your medical information confidential. While you may be a bit nervous about the visit, you don’t have to worry about personal information being shared. 

You have probably guessed that TeenHealthFX is getting ready to steer you towards a medical professional. TeenHealthFX cannot confirm that you have a fungal infection never mind give you advice on medication. There are many other conditions that could also fit into your description: 

  • Contact dermatitis - A skin reaction involving the development of skin lesions in response to infections (virus, bacteria, fungus, parasite).

  • Eczema: Chronic skin condition characterized by skin inflammation and irritation. It may be caused by allergies, irritants, or other factors, such as stress.

  • Viral rash.

  • Hives: Red, itchy, raised areas of the skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. Hives can be caused by allergies to foods, medications, and insect bites, but sometimes have unknown causes as well.

  • Allergic drug rash: rashes that generally start within two weeks of taking a new medication.

  • Bug bites, such as with fleas or bed bugs: Bed bugs can leave bites along the skin that can look like hives or a rash 

All of these conditions are easily treatable once they have been identified. Even if it is a fungal infection sometimes prescription anti-fungal medication is necessary. 

If you don't have a doctor and live in northern New Jersey, you can call the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health in Morristown 973-971-6475 or the Adolescent/Young Adult Center for Health in Summit at 908-522-5757 for an appointment. Outside this area you can check with your insurance carrier or a local Teen Health Center.

Signed: TeenhealthFX