Will Stretch Marks Disappear

Published: December 01, 2015
Dear TeenHealthFX,

I found out that I've gained 17 pounds in a year. So far I've lost three of them, but I can't seem to get rid of these stretch marks. They're gross and I'm embarrassed to wear shorts or a bathing suit. I bought a fancy cream that's supposed to make them vanish, but it hasn't happened after a month of using it. My mother says the marks will go away after I lose the weight. Is this true?

Signed: Will Stretch Marks Will Go Away

Dear Will Stretch Marks Will Go Away,


Stretch marks are a common occurrence that almost everyone has to deal with one time or another. They are not only caused by weight issues since thin people deal with them as well. Save your money on creams because they never live up to the promise 


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Signed: TeenHealthFX