How Can I Get A Girlfriend?

Published: January 27, 2016
Dear TeenHealthFX,

A lot of my friends are starting to go out with girls. I'€™d like to have a girlfriend, too, but I feel like I have no clue about what to do to get a girlfriend. It seems like it’s easy for my friends, but not for me. Do you have some tips about how to do this?

Signed: How Can I Get A Girlfriend?

Dear How Can I Get A Girlfriend?,

TeenHealthFX can appreciate how hard dating can be during adolescence. Teens are entering this whole new world of dating, which can be complicated and confusing at times. To give you some tips as you requested, FX recommends that you read the WebMD article, How to Get a Girlfriend. In addition, FX recommends you think about a trusted adult who you can talk to and get some guidance on this topic. As you meet girls you are interested, go on dates, or start exclusive relationships it is normal that things may come up that you are not quite sure how to handle. Having a trusted adult you can run some of these things by would be very helpful, whether it’s a parent, uncle, school guidance counselor or even your doctor.

Signed: TeenHealthFX