Mom Doesn't Like Friend Choices

Published: October 31, 2016
Dear TeenHealthFX,
In my school I go to, there are people who have bad reputations. That's because my school is a different school, and a small, but connected to a bigger school. Some of the people in there, which by the way is 7 through 12 grade, have been known to do drugs, drink, smoke, and one has even admitted to that, but the thing is, mom doesn't like them ferry much. While you might say that everyone has their own opinion, I love my mom very much, and don't want to be rude. I like my friends, and know that my mom doesn't, what should I tell her? They aren't influencing me to do anything at all so what should I tell my mom, and what should I do?
Signed: Mom Doesn't Like Friend Choices

Dear Mom Doesn't Like Friend Choices,

You are going through a rite of passage that many adolescents go through. You are starting to become your own person and want to make your own decisions. This is also a tough process for your mom. She has to decide how much to let go and how much to hold on. Her role as a parent may seem harsh to you at times, but she is trying to do what she feels is best as a parent. Adolescents often see this as his/her parent not trusting them, but very often it has to do with not trusting the situation. 

If your friends are drink and using drugs, it doesn’t mean that you are. However, being around people who engage in this type of behavior, will increase the likelihood that you could start using. That is just a statistic and not a comment on you or your friends. Even if you didn’t use drugs or drink, you could still be exposed to legal issues. If you were in a car that was stopped by the police, one of your friends could have drugs and throw them on the floor of the car. If no one claimed ownership of the drugs, everyone in the car would be charged with possession. This is a bad way to find out who your friends really are. 

The best advice we can offer is to keep communicating with mom. Although, she may not like your friends, that should interrupt what appears to be a good relationship between you and her.  


Signed: TeenHealthFX