Me & Girlfriend Together 2 Months - Is She Just Playing?

Published: December 17, 2002
Dear TeenHealthFX,
Some of you may be reacting on this since me and my gf were together for just 2 months. But I know my feelings and I know that she is right for me. The whole story is far back in time. When I was together with my first ex, her name was S--, (we were together for 1 and a half years), my personality was like it's always been. Spontanious, appreciated the moment, and didn't plan anything. But when we broke up, I changed.. Because she went away with one of my best friends. I was so hurt that I changed. But I didn't realize that I have changed into a "planner" guy, I argued more, and had a fear that my next gf would leave me the same way. So a year passed. Then I met the most incredible girl I have ever met, her name is K----. We got together the same day we met.. It just said click! And we had a terrific time together for almost 2 months. We argued a lot over small issues at the end, we talked about it, and we agreed it was worth hanging on to our relationship. We spent a day together...made dinner, took a walk, watched a film, and we both felt that it was working well again. But we argued the day after over some minor thing, and she broke up! That shook me... This was 11 days ago. I've tried to move on, but when we met this monday, I felt my feelings rushing up..and she said she had feelings for me too. So we talked, laughed, hugged... And then I told her that I want to give it another chance... I told her about my change after my first ex, but after K---- broke up with me, I changed to "old me". I told her that too. And "old me" is excactly the type of bf she wants (as she told me when we were together). And we kissed at the end...but she said she wanted to stay single, but we kissed again... and she left... I told her to think about what I've said, but it's driving me nuts!! Did she mean something with the hugging, kissing? Since we have broken up and she said she wanted to stay single? She said she'd think about it...but what kind of signals is that? Is she just playing?
Signed: Me & Girlfriend Together 2 Months - Is She Just Playing?

Dear Me & Girlfriend Together 2 Months - Is She Just Playing?,


FX understands that your feelings for K---- are very strong, and it is clear that you miss her. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to answer your questions. We do not know what she meant by being affectionate towards you, or how she feels about you. You have let her know how you feel, and she has done the same. All you can do is show her respect by believing her when she says she wants to stay single.

It sounds like you have gone through a lot of changes over the last couple of years. Sometimes feeling hurt after a relationship can make us change, but FX is glad to hear that you are feeling more yourself lately.


If you and K---- were arguing over little things, and if she broke up with you over one of them, then maybe that was not the right relationship for you after all. Whenever you spend a lot of time with someone - whether they are a friend or a significant other - it is normal to argue over little things from time to time, but if you are committed to the relationship, you get through them and stay together. It is fine to feel sad about K---- for as long as you need to, but eventually, we recommend you start meeting other people. If she is smart, she will realize what she is missing and come around eventually. If not, there are surely other people out there who would be willing to survive the little things for the chance to spend time with you.

Signed: TeenHealthFX