Navigating Learning Disabilities and the Cost for Treatment

According to The Simple Dollar:

Living with a learning disability can be a source of great frustration if it’s not fully understood – especially during a child’s school-age years. These disabilities have very little to do with a child’s behavior or level of intelligence. Rather, it comes down to understanding that people who live with learning disabilities are living with a different cognitive wiring than others.

For this reason, a learning disability can affect multiple areas of a person’s life well into adulthood. What can be helpful, however is early diagnosis and early intervention. By identifying a learning disability and implementing adequate and affordable tools for treatment, your child can have a full and productive life.

To help children and teens living with various learning disabilities, The Simple Dollar has compiled information about various learning disabilities, as well as information on how to get the help that is needed to ensure cognitive, social and emotional growth. To learn more click here.