I have Heard Vitamin Water is Bad For You

Published: November 25, 2016
Dear I have Heard Vitamin Water is Bad For You,
Hi, I really hate the taste of water so I usually add some sort of flavour like a strawberry to it to make it taste better, but a lot of the time I also drink vitamin water. I've heard that vitamin water is bad for you. Is this true? Should I stop drinking it or at least stop drinking it as a replacement for tasteless water? Also, this is sort of off-topic, but is it bad to drink a small energy drink every now and then? (I don't use energy drinks or any other type of soda to replace water.)
Signed: I have Heard Vitamin Water is Bad For You

Dear I have Heard Vitamin Water is Bad For You,

Vitamin water has become popular around the world in the last few years. Unfortunately, it is not as healthy as it sounds. Vitamin water is composed of fortified vitamins as well as other ingredients for taste. These ingredients include syrups, sweeteners and artificial flavors that mimic the taste of some fruits. As a result Vitamin water has a lot of added sugar. One of these ingredients, fructose, is linked to all sorts of health problems when consumed in excessive amounts.  The worst offender is Crystalline fructose since it is almost pure fructose (over 98%), while cane sugar is 50/50 of glucose and fructose.  Some types of vitamin water also contain a significant amount of caffeine.

Vitamin water can also lead to weight gain. When you drinks that contain a lot of calories from sugar, you usually do not account for these liquid calories in your diet. Over time, the consumption of excess sugar can also lead to an increased risk of obesity and other related diseases. Sugar-sweetened beverages are strong risk factors for obesity. Studies have shown up to a 60% increased risk of obesity in children who regularly consume beverages loaded with sugar. Excess fructose consumption has also been linked to high cholesterol, increased blood pressure and increased insulin resistance diabetes.

The calories consumed from Vitamin water, have very limited nutritional value. Most of the micronutrients in vitamin water are not needed since most people get more than enough through their daily diet. So the surplus amount of nutrients from the Vitamin water will be expelled from the body when you urinate.

Plain water is the healthiest drink for your body. Water flushes out your system and assists in nutrient transportation within the body. One of the most common reasons why people resist plain water, is the taste. You can give it more flavor by adding citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges. You can also google “flavoring water” and get many great ideas about using natural flavor enhancers that don’t have the added sugar.