Whiteheads Everywhere

Published: December 30, 2014
Dear TeenHealthFX,

Okay, so I am a 16 year old girl and I don't have acne but I do have whiteheads all over the place! I wash my face twice a day, everyday and they don't seem to go away. This has been a recurring problem for the past two-three years. Any help please?

Dear Whiteheads Everywhere,

Acne is generally divided into two groups, red bumps and blackheads/whiteheads. Blackheads and whiteheads are known as comedones. A comedo is when a hair follicle below the skin becomes clogged with dirt, bacteria, dead skin cells and hair. When the surface the bump becomes inflamed (sometimes containing puss) it pushes out on the skin, but does not break the surface. When the bump pushes through the skin, it is known as a blackhead


There is no overnight cure for whiteheads. The key to skin care for acne is consistency. The best thing you can do is once-a-day cleaning with a mild soap or facial scrub to help remove dead skin cells and excess sebum (a thick oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of the skin, that consists of fat, keratin and cellular debris that is responsible for keeping the skin and hair moisturized), In this case more is not better. Frequent washing of your face can lead to dry skin without giving you the results you want. Oil-based makeup should not be used since these can contribute to the buildup of oil in the follicles. Water-based makeup labeled as non-comedogenic would be your best choice. For a comprehensive guide to skin care, see TeenHealthFX’s response to Does Oily Skin Go Away.


If the problem persists then you should probably make an appointment with a dermatologist (skin doctor.) There are many medical options that can help with stubborn skin problems.

Signed: TeenHealthFX