Long-Distance Relationship

Published: October 07, 2019
Dear TeenHealthFX,
My boyfriend is a year older than me and just started college 2 hours away from here. He says he is not talking to other girls but he parties every week and posts it on social media with many girls in the pictures and videos. I know I am young but I feel like he is the one.
Signed: Long-Distance Relationship

Dear Long-Distance Relationship,

Both you and your boyfriend are going through big transitions. Since he just started college and you are still in high school, it is a big adjustment. It can take time to figure out how to communicate effectively and trust each other without being able to see each other every day. Relationships can be challenging without the distance and does require work on both ends. 

Remember, trust is a huge part of having a healthy relationship. There needs to be a mutual trust where your boyfriend trusts you and you trust him. Social media can often portray things that are not the complete picture. On the other hand, social media and technology can make it easier to communicate and video chat with each other to make the distance seem less far.  

Keep in mind that healthy relationships often include a respect for each other’s differences, honesty, and independence. TeenHealthFX understands that feeling insecure about what your boyfriend is doing at college may be common, however telling your boyfriend who he can and cannot hang out with is not a characteristic of a healthy relationship. Instead, we recommend having an open and honest conversation with your boyfriend about your feelings and concerns, so he can understand where you are coming from.    

Signed: TeenHealthFX